Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let's not forget the idiots at the top

Since I've been directing much of my anger at our city and federal politicians of late, I wanted to spare a few moments to remember our federal bureaucracy.

I can only assume that the investigation into the Singh/Kaur issue will discover that radical Hindu nationalists have infiltrated the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi. Because even I am unable to believe that this kind of policy can be arrived at by incompetence alone. Hanlon's razor be damned.

However, I am extremely concerned that these are the same people who we rely on to keep criminals and terrorists out of the country. If you are unable to cope with the idea of multiple people with the same name, perhaps you'd be better suited to less administrative work. I hear Wal-Mart greeters love their work and find it quite stress free.

Maybe the CIC could get a grant from the Province of Ontario to improve their operations...

How Much Do Cricket Whites Cost Exactly?

I'm not going to get all upset about the Liberal government in Ontario using grant money to buy support because complaining about Liberal corruption makes about as much sense as leaving your stash with Lindsay Lohan and then complaining when it disappears. We can't keep electing them and then complain about their behaviour not changing.

However, what does really bother me is that nobody seems to be up in arms that these grant programs exist at all. Ignoring the extra $850K that was thrown in to buy Dalton a few votes, why the hell should the Ontario Cricket Association have been eligible for a $150,000 grant in the first place?! I mean, why does Ontario even have a minister for Citizenship and Immigration? Isn't it a federal issue?!

Every time evil capitalists such as myself talk about spending cuts, we are accused of taking food out of the mouths of starving children or underfunding our churches schools. The reality is that we just let the government take our money and spend it on whatever frivolous pet projects they want. After all, they're smart enough to convince us to vote for them, they must know what's best.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Think What This Province Needs Is More Bureaucracy and Bigger Cultural Divides. Who's with me?

John Tory apparently.

The Conservative leader has promised to set up a commission to look into funding religious education in the province. Because the best use of our tax dollars in the 21st century is indoctrinating young children into the archaic beliefs of their families.

Golly gee, I do hope that when new immigrants come to the country, their ethnic and cultural communities encourage them to send their children to these religious schools. Then in a few years, people of different value systems won't be talking to each other at all. This is going to rock!

Just get rid of the Catholic system and let parents teach their kids whatever fairy tales they want to at home.

I'll be declining my ballot in October.

Friday, July 20, 2007

They Should Have Threatened To Shut Down the Yonge Line, At Least Then People Might Have Noticed

Shockingly, despite threats yesterday, the city will not be closing down the Sheppard Subway line.

I have an idea as to how the city can save costs: starting in the fall we should switch from an overpaid elected city council to an unpaid appointed one. Each week, a different grade eight class from a local school could be selected to run the city. Not only would we save money, the students would have the opportunity to learn about government, and the maturity level of city councillors would increase significantly.

And since we're on the topic, I have a crazy money as to how the TTC could raise some funds: make the Metropass non-transferable again. I've never quite understood how a supposedly cash strapped system could get away with allowing people to basically ride for free. (Yes I get that it was all part of some plan to get higher levels of government to fork over cash because of the increased ridership). "We just don't understand, ridership is through the roof and we're broke!"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It won't last

I did enjoy watching David Miller lose in his bid to create ever more taxes for the people of Toronto (when is the ceremonial breaking of the broomstick?). But it might actually be more fun watching city council playing at fiscal responsibility.

Sadly, of course, it won't last. I would like to think that they could start sensibly reducing their spending, but I have no doubt they'll cut in the areas that will have the biggest impact in order to teach us a lesson about what happens when the mayor doesn't get what he wants they have to actually work within a budget.

Of course, it's all our fault for electing them in the first place.

Friday, July 13, 2007

But you voted for Miller!

"39 per cent of those who voted for Miller would have been less likely to support a candidate who favoured new taxes." Really? You voted for David Miller and you didn't think that at any point he might have raised taxes? This is truly shocking to me. To begin with he was, until very recently, a card carrying New Democrat and I have never met a NDPer who didn't believe that I should give more of my money for the 'public good'. Plus the broom just screams, "I'm going to sweep your money into city coffers".

Apparently 69% of Torontonians think that we should have another election before new taxes are discussed. 100% of Lemons think that there is no way this mayor should have the right to demand I pay the city for the right to see a movie while subsidizing other people's sports and rec.

Small Mercies?

The economic destruction of Zimbabwe could be preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country. As men are no longer afford to keep mistresses or pay prostitutes, they are limited to one sexual partner -- their wife. Thus the spread of the disease is restricted.

Of course, I'm sure if asked Zimbabweans would rather have their economy back and rely on education and condoms to stop the disease.

Sadly, things are likely to continue to get worse before they get better in Zimbabwe. Especially since the African Union continues to treat Robert Mugabe like a hero rather than the thug that he is.

(first link via Foreign Policy Passport)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let's Fight EOS Together

Excessive ovation syndrome. It's true. I can't think of the last time I attended a performance in Toronto that didn't receive a standing ovation. I've always put it down to Torontonians' unusually high tolerance for mediocrity, but apparently it's a continent-wide phenomenon.

The problem is, what are you supposed to do when you are actually blown away by a performance? Rush the stage?

(Link via Marginal Revolution)

Librarian Humour

This is actually how Martyloo got me to go to Paris.

Farewell Honest Ed

Ed Mirvish died this morning at 92.

Toronto is a better place because of him. He will be missed.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sorry NYT But Librarians Aren't Cool

I'm not sure if the idea that librarians and library science students think they are hip is sad or funny. But this article isn't completely wrong. They do indeed tend to be very left wing!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Is it all just a hoax?

I'm really starting to think that the modern environmental movement is just an elaborate art piece. Whoever's behind it just keeps signing up the most ridiculous people to participate to see how far the public will allow it to go before they clue in.

The latest installment is The Green Book which offers helpful tips for how to lead a greener lifestyle. They've signed up a number of celebrities to spread the word. Including Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, and of course Dale Earnhardt Jr! Are they making hybrid race cars now?

Clearly whoever's behind this is the first great artist of the 21st Century. I wonder if Al Gore is in on it...

Me and Live Free or Die Hard

Online Dating

(Link via Virginia Postrel)

The Smokeathon for Cancer Awareness

I realize this point is so obvious that it is perhaps unworthy of a post, but seriously, am I supposed to be taking Snoop Dogg as an inspiration for reducing my carbon footprint (or whatever the hell the Chevy-sponsored concert was supposed to be about)?

“Tell me, what achievements of Putin’s policy can you name?”

This is totally normal in a democratic country, right?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Junk Calls

Is anyone able to explain to me why, in 2007, we are not able to program "junk caller" numbers into our phones much like we do with e-mail? I'm not talking about an ineffectual 'no call' list whereby marketing companies that happen to belong to a certain organization supposedly won't call me. I don't want to go through the hassle of contacting people to get my name off lists. I also don't feel like I should have to release information about myself in order not to be bothered. I just want the functionality to say 'this phone number cannot call me' on the fly. Would this be hard. Does it already exist?