Friday, July 20, 2007

They Should Have Threatened To Shut Down the Yonge Line, At Least Then People Might Have Noticed

Shockingly, despite threats yesterday, the city will not be closing down the Sheppard Subway line.

I have an idea as to how the city can save costs: starting in the fall we should switch from an overpaid elected city council to an unpaid appointed one. Each week, a different grade eight class from a local school could be selected to run the city. Not only would we save money, the students would have the opportunity to learn about government, and the maturity level of city councillors would increase significantly.

And since we're on the topic, I have a crazy money as to how the TTC could raise some funds: make the Metropass non-transferable again. I've never quite understood how a supposedly cash strapped system could get away with allowing people to basically ride for free. (Yes I get that it was all part of some plan to get higher levels of government to fork over cash because of the increased ridership). "We just don't understand, ridership is through the roof and we're broke!"

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