Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've been saying for a long time that the Ontario NDP need a new leader... maybe John Tory is it!

John Tory -- supposedly leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives -- is suggesting that the ban on plastic bags at the LCBO does not go far enough. Mr. "Tory" wants to ban all retailers in Ontario from using plastic bags.

I have nothing against conservation and have jumped on board the reusable bag at the grocery store bandwagon myself (though largely because they make stuff easier to carry... it's hard not living above a grocery store anymore). But in what universe is tree-hugging by decree a conservative philosophy? Every time any sort of environmentally-friendly trend catches on, there is John Tory proposing it be enacted into law. Why have any faith in the populace when you can just dictate their behaviour?

A party trying to out-Liberal the Liberals. That's just what we need!