Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let's not forget the idiots at the top

Since I've been directing much of my anger at our city and federal politicians of late, I wanted to spare a few moments to remember our federal bureaucracy.

I can only assume that the investigation into the Singh/Kaur issue will discover that radical Hindu nationalists have infiltrated the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi. Because even I am unable to believe that this kind of policy can be arrived at by incompetence alone. Hanlon's razor be damned.

However, I am extremely concerned that these are the same people who we rely on to keep criminals and terrorists out of the country. If you are unable to cope with the idea of multiple people with the same name, perhaps you'd be better suited to less administrative work. I hear Wal-Mart greeters love their work and find it quite stress free.

Maybe the CIC could get a grant from the Province of Ontario to improve their operations...

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