Thursday, July 26, 2007

How Much Do Cricket Whites Cost Exactly?

I'm not going to get all upset about the Liberal government in Ontario using grant money to buy support because complaining about Liberal corruption makes about as much sense as leaving your stash with Lindsay Lohan and then complaining when it disappears. We can't keep electing them and then complain about their behaviour not changing.

However, what does really bother me is that nobody seems to be up in arms that these grant programs exist at all. Ignoring the extra $850K that was thrown in to buy Dalton a few votes, why the hell should the Ontario Cricket Association have been eligible for a $150,000 grant in the first place?! I mean, why does Ontario even have a minister for Citizenship and Immigration? Isn't it a federal issue?!

Every time evil capitalists such as myself talk about spending cuts, we are accused of taking food out of the mouths of starving children or underfunding our churches schools. The reality is that we just let the government take our money and spend it on whatever frivolous pet projects they want. After all, they're smart enough to convince us to vote for them, they must know what's best.

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