Friday, July 13, 2007

But you voted for Miller!

"39 per cent of those who voted for Miller would have been less likely to support a candidate who favoured new taxes." Really? You voted for David Miller and you didn't think that at any point he might have raised taxes? This is truly shocking to me. To begin with he was, until very recently, a card carrying New Democrat and I have never met a NDPer who didn't believe that I should give more of my money for the 'public good'. Plus the broom just screams, "I'm going to sweep your money into city coffers".

Apparently 69% of Torontonians think that we should have another election before new taxes are discussed. 100% of Lemons think that there is no way this mayor should have the right to demand I pay the city for the right to see a movie while subsidizing other people's sports and rec.

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