Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why Demand Action When You Can Demand Empty Words?

With Saddam set to hang, we can now turn our attention back to those genocidal maniacs who have not yet been tried for their crimes.

NATO had said that Serbia would be denied membership in it's Partnership for Peace until those responsible for the Balkan war crimes had been caught. Now there is talk that the Europeans may be going soft. I'm sure this is just rumour mongering on the part of Europhobes, as we all know that Europe has a strong history of resisting genocide. However, the suggestion is that the Europeans would be willing to consider Serbia provided Prime Minister Kostunica goes on Serb TV to announced that he must arrest Ratko Mladic. The unilateralist Americans on the other hand have some crazy idea that NATO should stick to what it originally said.

[Serb newspaper] Vecernje Novosti said the United States, which dominates the Atlantic Alliance, strongly opposes granting PfP membership to Serbia before it has handed over Mladic, while European Union members of NATO are in favor of an encouraging gesture.
I have a few gestures of my own I'd like to make in response, but I'm not sure how "encouraging" they are.

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