Thursday, November 09, 2006

Municipal Elections

Do you feel the excitement Toronto?!!! No? Neither do I. I have looked into the matter, and it is actually not possible for me to care less about the municipal elections than I do. My lack of concern has actually become a health risk, as any time someone mentions the upcoming vote I lapse into a brief coma.

I am voting for Jane Pitfield, because even though she's annoying, I didn't support David Miller the last time around and watching him in office hasn't convinced me otherwise. Bitter Lime and I are still deciding who we'll be supporting in the anyone-but-Rae race. It's down to Chris Reid and Cam Johnson because, according to their websites, they don't oppose development (the number of people running in our ward who oppose condo developments is astonishing -- "Vote for me and I'll make sure that in five years, you won't be able to afford to live in this neighbourhood!"). The twenty minutes I've spent looking into the matter has been entirely wasted of course, because Kyle Rae will win.

Inspiring, ain't it?

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Brian Lemon said...

Hey Bitter,
It's your cousin Brian of canadian blue lemons.
We citrus fruit have to stick together - you're the third I've come across after Lemons and Lollypops.
I wanna start a blog roll of citrus fruit blogs, cause we're sour baby.