Monday, November 06, 2006

I Hope it Hurts

Saddam has been sentenced to hang.

Human rights groups and international "watchdogs" are complaining that Saddam didn't get a fair trial because it was held in Iraq, rather than in Europe (which is what they mean when they say "international") where the people are wiser and capable of being impartial when faced with genocidal lunatics. I've already made my views on this subject known. Since the Europeans opposed the war in the first place, I'm not entirely convinced they wouldn't have sent him back to Iraq untried using the argument that the Americans had no authority to capture him.

While I have no objection to them hanging Saddam, or putting him through a plastic shredder or feeding him alive to wild boars, I am concerned that he will be punished before he has faced trial for his genocide of the Kurds. I understand the political pressure to kill him sooner rather than later (and I'll celebrate on whatever day they choose to do it), but the Kurds too deserve justice. And while he can't be hanged twice (or at least, not 'humanely'), he should die knowing that he is being punished for all of the many crimes he committed, not simply for the one it was most convenient to prosecute.

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