Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wipe the smile off your face

Scott Brison is on TV again, it is 7 hours later and he still hasn't wiped the smile off his face. This is not good news for Canada Scottie!

You know the longer you guys go on seeming really happy about this, the likelier it is that Canadians are going to clue in that people around King Paul are relieved. The only reason that King Paul's courtiers should be so happy is because they were concerned that the report was going to find him guilty of something. If he didn't do anything wrong, he shouldn't have had any reason to be concerned; so giddy relief strikes me as the wrong emotion.

You know how I like to help His Highness, so might I offer the suggestion that you retune the spin machine?

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Alex said...

I'm thinking this might be the only reliable way to get a hold of you. I emailed your gmail from my utoronto account, but have yet to hear back from you.

Oh, and loved your Gomery play-by-play.