Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Weasel Speaks

Jean Chretien is the only thing that can make me mildly tolerate Paul Martin. As much as I hate King Paul's bullshit, at least he doesn't try to mask the fact that he's a slimy politician behind claims of being a small town boy. The thing that bothers me the most is that Canadians seem to fall for it time and time again (indeed, he seems to be holding the press gallery in his thrall as I write). I mean, people are actually talking about the fact that this man has a legacy that could be damaged by this. What exactly is that legacy? (unless you count consolidating all power in the Prime Ministers Office.)

Jean is explaining that Judge Gomery made an error in blaming the Prime Minister's office for allowing the Liberal Party to steal our money. I can only imagine that he understands Judge Gomery's error to be that he doesn't get that you can't find Liberals guilty of things in this country, because they are above criticism and the law.

He is pointing out that the Sponsorship Program was a small program and the government is very large (I won't disagree with that). Do you know how hard it is to monitor the spending in such a huge government? Stuff like the sponsorship scandal is going to happen and, as I understand his point, we just have to learn to accept it. If we are going to keep this country together, we are just going to have to put up with reckless spending of our money with the funds going directly to the Liberal Party. Come on people. It is for the good of the nation!

Why is everyone so focused on the Liberals? Just because they are the ones who stole the money. Do you know that the NDP relies on the support of labour leaders? The Liberals can't rely on that, so occasionally they have to dip into taxpayer money. Come on people, it's only fair, they've got to level the playing field!

And let us not forget that it is 2005, but have you considered that Brian Mulroney is entirely responsible for this? Because Chretien has. It definitely seems like a Mulroney plot from start to finish. Hey Canadians, remember how much you hate Mulroney? I know you do. He was evil!

On the other hand can you look at Jean's crooked little smile and tell me honestly that you don't trust him? Ah, he had me at Âllo.

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