Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lou gets to stay?!

As expected, CNN has decided to get rid of Aaron Brown to make room for more Anderson "Silver Fox" Cooper. Love Anderson as I do, I'm going to miss Aaron. I have to confess a softspot for one of the cheesiest men in the business. But what really bothers me is that this is yet another shake up of the CNN line-up and Lou Dobbs gets to stay (and if it bothers me, think how hurt Aaron must be). Who the hell watches Lou Dobbs?! We get it, we get it: immigrants and foreigners are stealing all the jobs and America's children will become slaves for the Chinese. There's really nothing more to say on the topic.

Not only does Lou get to stay, but they are working 'The Situation Room' around his schedule! Sadly, there are probably lots of us out there who will watch three straight hours of Wolf Blitzer, but two hours of Wolf, an hour of Lou and another hour of Wolf? Does this make sense to anyone? Clearly Lou Dobbs has incriminating photos of Jonathan Klein. How else to explain it?

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