Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Know There Are Administrative Costs But Surely 17% of the GST Adds Up To More Than A Penny

I'm loving the rhetoric surrounding the money that cities are demanding from the feds. "It's our money!" No, its our money. As in, the taxpayers. The people of Toronto may have paid a significant share of the federal sales tax, but the City of Toronto certainly didn't.

I hate the assumption that just because I live in Toronto I want to see federal tax dollars going to city coffers. And I think it is inappropriate that the city is using my money to fund a political lobby (when it is supposedly so cash strapped). I'd rather have that "penny" myself thanks -- I feel pretty confident that I won't waste it subsidizing other people's aquafit classes.

The campaign just so dishonest. "Only a penny". Well sure, one penny in six. We could all play that game. Let's give it a try: All I ask, is that you, for the privilege of reading this blog, give me one penny. For every three that you earn. Who's in? Come on, it's only a penny!

I can't speak for people in other municipalities in Canada, but as a Toronto resident, I am very nervous about extra cash being handed over to the morons at City Hall. It's not that I have particular faith in any level of government, but nobody is even paying attention at the municipal level. And when government demands money, I like to see some accountability. I'm old fashioned that way. How is a guy in Moose Jaw supposed to demand accountability from a Toronto city councillor? My god, it's hard enough getting your own MP to answer mail (man, I'm gonna miss Bill Graham).

If the federal government gives in now, we're never going to see the end of it. The city got a portion of the gas tax, and extra funding from the province. Meanwhile, they continue to waste ridiculous sums of money supporting programs that should be privately funded (plus there's all those brooms for Mayor Miller!). Apparently there is just no limit to how much this city can spend. After all, we are trying to become the Greenest City in North AmericaTM. Sure, public transit works for some. But what if you don't live near a transit route? Do I hear subsidized Piouses Priuses for everyone?...

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