Monday, January 22, 2007

The BBC is a "reputable news organisation"

I was (belatedly) reading the obituary of Hrant Dink on the BBC's website. The article explains that the murdered journalist wrote about the "genocide" of the Armenian Turks. I am somewhat confused, as I was under the impression that he actually wrote about the Armenian genocide.

The obituary is sprinkled with "alleged" and "Armenians say" and ends with the line "Ankara denies the allegations, saying the death were a part of World War I in the dying days of the Ottoman empire." Which is another way of saying, "we feel obligated enough to honour the memory of a fellow journalist with a brief little article, but not nearly obligated enough to piss off the Turkish government."

I'm really starting to believe that there is a Zionist conspiracy. When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doubts the Jewish genocide, the whole world erupts in outrage. And yet major news organisations regularly question the Turkish slaughter of the Armenians and nobody seems to care.

Then again, maybe they're just afraid of getting shot.

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