Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Good Reason to Support Sarko

As if the fact that Jacques Chirac despises him (and my school girl crush) wasn't enough, Nicolas Sarkozy's main rival for president, Segolene Royal, has declared her support for Quebec separatism.

Then again, I suppose if a declared separatist is allowed to be the Viceregal Consort of Canada then it's hypocritical to demand higher standards from the potential heads of state of other countries.


Alphast said...

Actually, the poor Segolene was just a bit confused and probably didn't realize that the use of the word sovereignty is a bit specific in Quebec and Canada's history...

Bitter Lemon said...

Well if she's that ignorant of our history, perhaps she's not entitled to an opinion.

Of course, it seems Segolene has developed a bit of a reputation for these kinds of mistakes.