Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lemon's Last Night in London

(The title of this post is technically a lie since I shall be back for the evening on the 12th).

Another fun day in London. The weather has been very good throughout (whoulda thunk I'd get a tan in England). I walked through Hyde Park (giving the Diana Memorial Fountain a miss) to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Unfortunately, the Modernism Exhibit I was hoping to see ended earlier this week. It is a very nice building, so I looked around anyway (one good thing about London is that even though everything else is obscenely expensive, the museums are free... no thanks to Thatcher I'm sure!) -- deciding against the Che Guevera Exhibit. I then walked around a bit and ended up in Harrod's (going in and quickly out again -- I can say I've been, but at the end of the day it's a department store with a creepy wax statue of Mohammed al-Fayed in the middle of it).

I eventually made it over to the Tate Modern, I wanted to see it but didn't have my hopes set too high because contemporary art isn't really my thing (at heart I'm an old-fashioned lass). Luckily, they had just the right amount of German Expressionism to hold my interest (including a Max Beckmann, which always makes my day -- They also had a Kandinsky exhibit which I skipped, because my interest doesn't extend to Russian expressionists it seems). The newer stuff was also quite interesting.

My trip would not have been complete without a visit to the bookstores on Charing Cross. It is (supposedly) not what it used to be (Thatcher!), but I still managed to make a few purchases.

I will credit the Lonely Planet Guide for dinner at a great vegetarian restaurant: Eat and Two Veg. (Veggie) Bangers and Mash, finished off with Bread and Butter Pudding. London is vegetarian heaven, and I suspect I have been spoilt as I head off to Central Europe where I fear even the water will come with a side of pork.

London has been great, and I have no doubt I will be back for a longer visit sometime in the near future.

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