Saturday, July 29, 2006

Election Eve in DR Congo

Tomorrow the Congolese will be voting in parliamentary elections. There has been controversy from the start, from the advantage Joseph Kabila has because of the promise of stability if he remains in power to the claims of ballot fraud. Nevertheless, the elections offer a glimmer of hope for the Congolese people and I can only hope that they are successful, and that any violence is kept to a minimum (it is perhaps to much to hope for none at all).


Sass said...

Bitter Lime here again. Just read your entries out loud to Dinks and she was having a giggle fit. But when I got to this post, she was all like, oh I'm not interested in that. Some things never change.

However, apparently there is some great German vegetarian chain of restaurants she was reading about (probably 8 across in last week's crossword), but she can't remember the name. Some things never change.

marty-loo said...

Whatever the outcome in DR Congo, the country must remain a democratic republic.

a) because that's a reasonable form of government
b) because DR is the perfect courtesy title for Congo.