Friday, July 28, 2006

Lemon in London: Day Two

Back in my local cyber-cafe (which is also a video rental) to check in.

Today was great. I started off at the Tate. I got the opportunity to see one of my favourite paintings of all time, so that set the day off on the right note.

I decided to take one of those hop-on-hop-off bus tours (I know, it pains me just saying it). I don't want to be that girl but seriously, London is a huge city and I don't want to get back and have everyone say so did you see [fill in name of what you are interested in here] and have to admit that I missed it ('cos, let's face it, I'll always be that girl).

Then to the Imperial War Museum where I had one of the more amusing moments of my trip so far. I walk in and the guy inspects my bag. He was very friendly and asked the reason for my visit today. I said I just wanted to look around. Not buying it for a minute, he said "because it takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to tour the Holocaust Exhibit, and the museum closes in an hour and a half". Do I have an aura of holocaust? So I showed him and went and saw the Crimes Against Humanity Exhibit instead! (Part of which was narrated by Michael Ignatieff, reinforcing that the man is wasting his life running for leader of the Liberal Party of Canada). The Homefront During the War part of the WW2 Exhibit (the actual reason I went to the war museum) was pretty good too.

More theatre tonight with Sam Shepherd's Fool For Love with Juliette Lewis. I quite enjoyed it (you couldn't even tell she's a Scientologist).

Anyway, I'm off to go read a newspaper now. This cafe is closing and I've heard that the world didn't actually stop revolving just because I'm on vacation!

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Sass said...

Bitter Lime here again...what is it with you and visiting museums right before they're about to close? Looking forward to tomorrow's installment...