Tuesday, April 11, 2006

U.N. Tells Ratko Mladic to Make Peace in Darfur Before he is Captured

Okay, I made that up. But it is about as likely as the real story, which is that the U.N. Security Council has told the Sudanese government and the rebels in Darfur to make peace before April 30th. Or else!

Diplomats said Britain would soon distribute a list of individuals it believes are blocking the peace process, who could become the targets of U.N. sanctions, such as a travel ban and having their foreign assets frozen. But China, which has veto power, has said it was not in favor of sanctions.
Empty threats from the U.N. Security Council. I guess it's over for the Sudanese regime. How can they possibly continue their genocidal plans in the face of such a show of power from the world body?

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