Monday, January 09, 2006

What the hell is a working family?

It makes me ill. I'm not sure who it was that ran the survey that proved that the term "taxpayer" doesn't go over as well as "working family", but it needs to stop. Are there a lot of children going to work with mum and dad? "Families" don't work (that's not social commentary, just a statement of fact). Individuals work. Is there anybody running for office in this country who remembers the term?


marty-loo said...

Jack Layton is the biggest user of "working family". He's so obsessed with his own rhetoric that he can barely speak. If the things he utters happen not to be cliché or feel good socialism, he almost seems to recoil at his own words.

Lemon said...

To be fair, they are all pretty bad with it.

Not only horrid single types, but unemployed Canadians should be offended by this stupid 'working families' rhetoric. Lose your job? Retired but not yet a cat food eating senior? Canada's political leaders have nothing to say to you!