Monday, January 09, 2006

I was so hoping that question was going to go in a different direction

Did anyone else hope that Steve Paikin was going to ask the party leaders about their views on swinging when he mentioned the recent Supreme Court decision in raising the issue of values?

I think a bit of wife swapping would go a long way toward healing the rifts between the leaders. And, of course, everyone would get to have a go at Belinda (in keeping with her flexible political values).

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marty-loo said...

That was the most exciting part of the debate! For a second I thought Stephen Harper was going to comment negatively on swinging. Gilles would have then said how Quebec is distinct from Canada in this matter, Paul Martin would have quoted Trudeau and how the state has no place in the bedroom, and Jack would have avoided the issue, either because it doesn't fit into his narrow rhetorical window or because it hits too close to home.