Monday, December 12, 2005

Last one, I promise!

I figured that Jack would have to weigh in eventually: only the government is fit to raise your children. No more private daycares! Since the public sector has proven time and time again that it is best equipped to provide services, Mr. Chow has announced that he wants to ban private daycare. Instead, Canadians will turn their children over to the state who will raise them with good multi-cultural, feminist, eco-friendly, LBGTQ values. In return for reproducing for the nation , parents will get an extra helping at three communal meals per week. Canadians who choose not to breed will instead be permitted to sponsor a family from an underdeveloped nation.

Oh, and Scott Reid is a dick. But that isn't news.

From this point on, no matter what happens, Bitter Lemon will not comment on the New Great Debate in our nation.

Bitter Lemon: your 'issue that cannot be named'-free source for election coverage. Now without childcare! (from now on, I'm pretty much just gonna talk about who Belinda's screwing).

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