Monday, November 28, 2005

Paul Martin needs to pick up a history book

The government has fallen (which means for a few short weeks I can at least pretend that there could be a non-Liberal government).

King Paul was just speaking to his courtiers. He explained that Canadians should support the Liberal party because the Liberals believe in the values on which this country was founded. Among those values? The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Oh, that great foundational document of Canadian history. Much like the Bill of Rights in the United States it outlined from the start the principles of this great nation.

Who could have known, over two decades ago, when our founding father Pierre Elliot Trudeau struggled against all odds to define the rights of the citizens of a new nation, whether this group of ten provinces and two territorries brought together only by our harsh terrain could succeed. But he had faith. And now the Liberals have delivered a record eight years of profit surplus. A wonderful history for a wonderful nation.

I know he's a busy man, but maybe he has time to pick up Canadian History for Dummies or something.

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