Saturday, November 26, 2005

And you really want to be part of this Michael?

The Liberals are threatening to sue Stephen Harper for his claims that they were involved in organized crime.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines organized crime as:

crime which is deliberately organized and not petty or opportunistic, esp. that which is arranged and carried out in a systematic way on a large scale; the people who perpetrate this kind of crime collectively.

How can anybody who has heard the findings of the Gomery Inquiry disagree with this assessment? How are the Liberals allowed to constantly get away with behaving like the victim in all of this? Have we become so polite in this country that it is considered rude to point out in the run-up to an election campaign that the ruling party used government programs to steal money from taxpayers?

Maybe after they get re-elected (and let's face it, they will) they can change the laws so that it becomes a treasonous offense to speak ill of the Liberals. That way instead of having to sue opposition leaders, they can just have them imprisoned.

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