Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Suppose It Was Too Much To Expect that Miller Wouldn't Let All That Extra Power Go To His Head?

Well now I understand why the City is obnoxiously demanding all that extra money from the Feds:

City staff were asked to hold the line on costs, but budget documents show Miller is proposing a 29.7 per cent increase for his office costs.

The mayor's office had an approved budget of $1.886 million for 19 staff in 2006 but Miller wants to add four more staff – two administrative officials and special advisers on economic development and climate change. Budget officials said that will hike the mayor's spending to $2.447 million for 2007.

Keeping in mind that municipalities have responsibility for environmental issues according to the constitution (right?), I dare you to find evidence of waste in the city budget!

Empty out your pockets Harper!

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Sally said...

Now I hear today that Miller wants to tax garbage.......