Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's On

Nicolas Sarkozy has announced his intention to run for the French presidency saying "I feel I have the strength, the energy and the desire to propose a different view of France..." I believe he does too, a view in which Bitter Lemon can be in love with the President of France.

I'm currently reading his autobiography, which is a bit of a challenge because it doesn't come out in English until next year. So far, the introduction has taught me that cheesiness knows no national or linguistic barriers.

Bonne chance Sarko!


Martin-Louis said...

You beat me too it!!!

Martin-Louis said...

*to* it. Too languages are two much for me, apparently.

Lemon said...

Well given the frequency of your blogging of late, I couldn't wait for you to post about it! Were you going to declare your love for Sarko too?