Friday, October 20, 2006

Offensive to Dogs, Not Women

Why is it that any time someone is accused of insulting Belinda Stronach, all women are supposed to take offense? There are lots of terms worse than 'your dog' that I could use to describe the power hungry slut and none of them are a comment on my entire gender.

Why? Because, believe it or not, we are not actually a collective. She is not one of 3 billion, she is an individual. And as an individual she does a lot of things that make people upset.

Apparently this alleged comment means that Peter Mackay unable to consider the interests of Afghani women in our mission in their country. Why is this exactly? Did all the women of Afghanistan also shack up with him and then publicly humiliate him in front of the entire country? 'Cos if not, I think we can probably rest easy.

No, I suppose MPs shouldn't call each other names while in the House of Commons, but if she's that sensitive, maybe she doesn't belong in politics.

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