Thursday, October 26, 2006

Liberals Accuse Women of Being Liars and anti-Environment

An item posted on the Liberal Party website states that Canadian women are dishonest:

Environment Minister Rona Ambrose’s recent disgraceful attempts to twist the truth about third party opinions of her flawed Clean Air Act are yet another example of this government’s disdain for the people of Canada....Today, Liberal Environment Critic John Godfrey plainly denounced Ms. Ambrose’s attempts to deceive the public into thinking her clean air package actually has support as contemptuous of Canadians who expect the full truth from their government.

“To salvage her clean air disaster, the Minister of the Environment has been misquoting the Canadian Lung Association,” he said.
Excuse me? Are we to stand idly by while the Liberal Party sullies the good name of Canadian women? The reason that women don't go into politics is because they have to face men like John Godfrey who, rather than disagreeing with their politics, accuse them of being deceitful.

I, for one, demand an apology. Women are not liars, and to suggest that we are shows how far the Liberal Party of Canada has to go with regards to gender relations. I will not rest until John Godfrey resigns and all candidates for Liberal leadership issue statements that this sort of misogyny will not be tolerated in their party.

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