Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Terror in Mumbai

At least 179 people were murdered in a series of train bombings in India today. No group has yet claimed responsbility for the attacks, but it is suspected that it is the work of Islamist militants who claim Kashmir as their cause.

The Times would like to remind you, in a sentence dangling pointlessly at the end of this article: "India is increasingly allied with the United States, but it has resisted invitations to join the United States-led war in Iraq." Which is strange, because, as we all know, the U.S. led war against Iraq is the only reason that terrorism exists. It is the reason for London, the reason for Madrid and the reason for 9/11. What's that? The war hadn't started on 9/11? Oh, well then, that must have been about Palestine. Whatever it is, the terrorists have legitimate grievances and we would all do our best to understand them.

I'm sure that the people of India will try to keep that in mind as they mourn their dead.

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