Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm sure CTV will pick up Coronation St.

A new Senate report has recommended that the CBC revert to a commercial-free format, with taxpayers making up the loss in revenue. The reason? In its current format the CBC is attempting to provide programming that appeals to Canadians. If it were to receive more public funding, it could stop worrying about its audience and make more programming that appealed to television critics and those who work for the CBC, Canadians who really matter.

It is 2006, Canadians have more media choices than ever before (and would have more if we got rid of the CRTC). The idea that we need the government to provide us with news and entertainment is ridiculous. It sounds to me like it is time for a new specialty channel that will cater to the needs of those people who want the quality programming that the CBC would offer if only they didn't have to worry about chasing the ratings. They can pay for it out of their own pockets, like everyone else does.

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