Monday, May 29, 2006

The world continues to fail Darfur

Eric Reeves at The New Republic Online explains why, despite the recent agreements, the U.N. cannot be relied upon to end the genocide in Darfur:

Here, then, is what the people of Darfur are being asked to believe: that a piece of paper signed in Abuja marks a change of heart within a regime of genocidaires that has never abided by any agreement it has ever made with any Sudanese party; that these genocidaires, having been effectively granted veto power over U.N. actions in Darfur, will permit the United Nations to take actions that would end the killing; that Moscow and Beijing, loyal defenders of the National Islamic Front, will soon abandon their old allies in Khartoum and allow U.N. troops to deploy with an appropriate mandate; that, while waiting for a U.N. force that is either not coming or is likely coming without the tools to stop the genocide, an existing African Union mission that has failed to protect Darfuris for two years will suddenly protect them now. In short, they are being asked to accept the genocidal status quo. Never has it been more obvious that only NATO military action can save Darfur. The people of Darfur have been waiting for help for three years. If working through the United Nations is the best the international community has to offer, they will be waiting for a long time to come.
Sadly, it seems unlikely that NATO will act. The political will simply doesn't exist. When the public doesn't care and the media is barely paying attention (recent George Clooney led surge notwithstanding), there is very little motivation for member governments to act.

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