Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Allan Gregg Made a Liar Out of Me

Walking to work this morning, I ran into a friend and mentioned that I was going to see David Remnick this evening, something I was much looking forward to. The only downside, I explained, was that he was being interviewed by Allan Gregg. We shared our thoughts about Mr. Gregg and I said that if he showed up in a leather jacket I was going to walk out. Of course, I was kidding. Sure the man lives with the delusion that he has reached the level of celebrity that allows him to wear leather jackets inside and still be taken seriously, but it was 40 degrees out today.

Ladies and gentlemen, Allan Gregg interviewed the editor of The New Yorker in a leather jacket!

I must confess that I stayed for the event. When it came down to it I couldn't miss an opportunity to see David Remnick just because Allan Gregg is an idiot. But I did gain some satisfaction from the fact that the interviewee also seemed to recognize this.

Remnick himself was an excellent speaker. Of course I expected him to be extremely intelligent, but I was impressed by how funny he is. He does seem to have a bit of a tendancy to cut people off before they have completed their thoughts. But anyone who has ever been to an event with an audience Q&A understands that this is really more saving grace than character flaw.


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