Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Something to Think About

There has been a fair bit more talk lately about the situation in Darfur. There is a big rally planned this weekend in Washington, D.C. (and smaller ones across the continent, including here in Toronto). But as the calls for action increase, it is in no way clear that anyone has a solution. NATO does not seem interested in serious involvement, the Americans have made it clear they don't plan to lead a mission (and Europe never does anything alone), and the U.N..... well, the U.N. is the U.N. Perhaps it is time to start thinking about other solutions to end this thing. Could private security firms providing support to the African Union be the answer?

There would likely be a lot of opposition to this idea (the comments page at the Boston Globe has a lot of reactions about how warfare is already "corporate" enough), but it is easy to come up with arguments against something when it is not your life at risk and you are not the one facing gang rape by militiamen. I think it merits serious discussion. If Western governments and international organizations aren't willing or able to act, we need to start considering alternatives. Now.

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