Monday, February 20, 2006

Why are you eating at McDonald's?!

Yet another lawsuit against McDonald's because they failed to disclose the ingredients of their fries. It seems that they contain wheat and dairy. For the people with strange food allergies, I guess all I can really say is that if your allergies are so severe that traces of wheat products make you sick, maybe you should just avoid fast food.

But my real problem is with the vegan who is suing. Why are vegans eating at McDonald's? I haven't eaten there in a decade, and I don't even claim an ethical basis for my vegetarianism (really I just find eating flesh to be kinda creepy and backwards). If you are “opposed to eating any meat, fish or dairy products or by-products” then McDonald's is probably not the place for you. First of all, why would you be supporting a corporation that makes billions from the slaughter of animals? Secondly, can you really trust that in a place where food is being prepared so quickly by high school students/dropouts, that your vegan treat hasn't come into contact with meat? But more than anything, given that there have been so many stories in the past about McDonald's fries turning out to contain meat by-products, why would you trust them in the first place?

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