Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Did they also lend him an invisibility cloak?

An investigation has found that retired members of the Serbian military helped to hide Ratko Mladic. I know what you're thinking, I was shocked too.

Can somebody please tell me why none of these articles ever mention that he has been out in public since he went into 'hiding'? I bore myself with how often I repeat it. But seriously, he's not very good at hiding. Nor does he need to be, it seems.

Some days, I feel like catching a flight to Belgrade and finding him myself. I don't speak the language or have particular genocidaire-catching skills. But I feel pretty confident that his whereabouts are an open enough secret that the tiniest bit of effort would find him before the week was out.

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Sass said...

Word has it that Bitter Lime's "other" little sister is going to Belgrade in March. Maybe she could snare him!