Monday, January 30, 2006

You know your country is in the right

When the Sudanese and the Saudis are boycotting you.

I'll support the Danish government considering an apology to the Muslim world if the Saudis apologise to the rest of the world for sponsoring terrorism and exporting a particularly backward version of Islam. Oh, and for denying rights to women. And foreigners. And for failing to pressure other Muslims governments to stop commiting genocide against their own populations. In fact, when Saudi Arabia apologises for pretty much every action it has ever taken as a state, then Denmark can look into whether they owe anyone an apology for having a free press that published pictures that are offensive to people who should probably be living in Saudi Arabia if they can't tolerate people criticizing their faith.

Update: Buy Danish! This on-line Danish Food Shop has an entire section devoted to liquorice! Never mind buying Danish, I might just move there!


marty-loo said...
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marty-loo said...

I'm wondering if a ceremonial burning of the Saudi/Iranian/Yemeni/insert-your-favorite-islamo-fascist-state-here flag wouldn't be more appropriate than an apology. More honest?
(I guess it would be sinking low, and would definitely be ... flame bait).

Seriously, I'm sort of disappointed that the newspaper would take such a position of appeasement.

How to fight intolerance without seeming intolerant?