Monday, January 09, 2006

Who won?

The debate now becomes about who won tonight. But of course, the real issue should be that we all lost. Seriously, agriculture trumps Canada's place in the world? Is there any hope for us?


marty-loo said...

Not one candidate dared to even mention sustainability in the context of farming, least of all the regionalists Stephen Harper or Gilles Duceppe.

And when I think of the politics of food, I think of the European Union, and Gilles' little analogy about Canada and the European Union has come up yet again without any of the other party leaders addressing it, even though it strikes right to the heart of the federalist debate.

Sass said...

Marty-lou -- they don't bring up the EU because they are unbelievably uneducated in all matters. And I don't just mean international matters (as we are to assume by the lack of such discussion in both debates now), I mean basic economics, Canadian history, the law. Stephen is the only intelligent one amongst them and he wasn't about to slam the EU lest it looked to the clued out Canadian audience like he was too "pro-Yank" for dissing the Europeans.