Monday, December 05, 2005

Turns out I'm a Conservative

Who woulda guessed? I just took the Vote By Issue quiz on the CBC website and it seems I agree with Stephen Harper on the most issues (8) and Paul Martin on the least (1). I opted out of the most important issue of the election, because the subject is just too important to be encapsulated in a few lines, and it turns out I don't agree with anyone on childcare funding.

I have to say, reading the issues broken down like that, I'm not inspired by any of the parties.


marty-loo said...

Wow. I can't believe my results. I think I'm going to have to take it again. I also thought the quiz was a bit misleading because you could agree politically with spending all sorts of money on many issues when realistically the cash would probably not be there for all options. I guess you could run up a deficit...

Issues I agreed with

Stephen Harper 7
Paul Martin 9
Gilles Duceppe 6
Jack Layton 7

Disagreed with

Stephen Harper 5
Paul Martin 3
Gilles Duceppe 6
Jack Layton 5

I disagreed or agreed with everyone on all issues!! No waffling from me. Hmm. My personality has evidently changed somewhat.

Of course, no mention of the Greens anywhere. That's not very democratic...

Lemon said...

You know, if you'd just kept it to yourself, we never would have known that you were a Liberal (well, there had been some rumours to that effect, but nobody would have been rude enough to say it to your face). You may as well vote Green, as it seems you are in a very safe Liberal riding.