Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Jesus

So for the tenth anniversary of me not celebrating the birth of your Lord (yes, I've been told that it's not just for Christians anymore, but I'm not a pagan either), my mother decided to go completely over the top with the gifts.

So in the spirit of the season. I got:

And Bitter Lime, who never gave in on Christmas and has not yet given in on Canada got:

Oh, and I got the shiny new camera that these pictures were taken with.


Alex said...

wow...that's a nice, uh, um, pre-birthday present? I think I'm really going to enjoy Bitter Lemon now with Pictures!

Hope you had a nice break and continue to. I'll email you tomorrow when I'm back to work...

Dave said...

Photoblogging? Step boldly into the 21st century! Now you can start Friday catblogging!