Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bush Tries to Mess with our self-definition

In a speech to the Canadian Club, U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, suggested that Paul Martin risks harming our relationship with the U.S. when he uses anti-American rhetoric as a tool in his campaign. Typical American!

As ambassador, he should know enough about Canada to understand that we define ourselves by how much better we are than our American neighbours. How can such important issues be off the table during an election? Only an American would be so ignorant about the nation to which he is ambassador.

I'm so sick to death of American unilateralism. Who are they to single-handedly define the terms of our relationship? If it is to our Prime Minister's benefit to criticize the U.S. government every chance he gets, then that is our business! It should have no impact on diplomatic relations between our countries.

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Hoss said...

I love visiting Canada, and I know America is far from perfect,but I'm constantly amazed that other country's politicians talk mad shit about us and how we are always interfering with this or that. But yet, the first time the smallest problem crops up, who do they call...and we always come to the rescue.

We're the emergency hotline for the world.

Didn't mean to growl so much...nice site.