Tuesday, November 01, 2005

King Paul is a hero!

The Liberals never let me down. Did you hear it's not HRH King Paul I's fault? 'Cos that's what the report says. PAUL WAS EXONERATED. It's all Jean's fault and he is so yesterday's Prime Minister. Today's Liberals are a totally different group of people who had nothing to do with that guy. Jean who? The 'culture of entitlement' that Gomery refers to in his report is totally non-existant in the post-Jean Liberal party.

I'm watching the coverage on the CBC and Scott Brison needs to calm the fuck down. He's jumping around like a giddy little lap dog. Did you hear Paul's not to blame? Justice Gomery has just released a report outlining the depth of the corruption in the Liberal government and Scott comes out with a grin across his face to point out that IT'S NOT PAUL'S FAULT (Did you hear that yet? Paul had nothing to do with it). Hey Canadians, did you hear that the Liberals were fucking you over for years through the sponsorship scandal and when it became a political liability Paul Martin finally shut that program down? The man's a freaking hero!!!

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