Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hasn't the man suffered enough?

Bagosora is now claiming that he tried but failed to save the lives of Belgian troops who were murdered by Rwanda soldiers in the days before the genocide. How could he have stopped them, it was just little him, a couple of machine guns and the troops he commanded facing a group of 'rogue' forces. What was a poor colonel to do? Apparently he 'became afraid and withdrew' and the Belgians died. But as proof of the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity, he recovered in no time at all to help co-ordinate the murders of 800,000 people. I think there might be room for Theoneste on the motivational speaker circuit.

The murder of the ten Belgian soldiers played a part in the international community's reluctance to send more forces into Rwanda as it descended into chaos in 1994. Of course, the bigger part was played by the fact that the world doesn't really give a damn about Africans being slaughtered by government backed militias (see also: Darfur). You want attention from the international media? Get yourself a distended belly and a swarm of flies and stop whining about the mass slaughter and the rape! 'Cos really, "let them know it's Christmas time and keep their limbs"... not very catchy.

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