Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm sick of paying for groceries too... send some of that aid my way

One of the things that you often hear from defenders of the UN is that they feed people well. If you've been raped and mutilated by government forces, rest assured that if you somehow manage make your way to a refugee camp they'll have food ready for you (hey, you might even earn a little cash selling your body to the local UN personnel... provided you haven't been too badly mutilated).

The World Food Programme has apparently decided that they feed people so well, that they can do so whether or not the aid is needed and without regard for what it does to the local economy. Tim Worstall's piece at Tech Central Station outlines just how badly they are messing things up in Niger.

Hey, if the economies in Africa improve they could be out of a job. What possible incentive do they have not to screw things up?

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