Monday, May 23, 2005

Partisan Politics makes Belinda Sad :-(

Apparently, Belinda was hurt by all the mean things that were said about her last week when she decided to get in bed with the Liberals (condoms boys!) .... I mean sold herself for a cabinet position... I mean showed herself to be a political whore... I mean realised that her politics were more adequately reflected by the party that is all about staying in power and not having any principles... I mean.... all of those things.

Anyway, she thinks that the reason that Canadians are tuned out of politics is how partisan it has become. In this regard I have to respect her for standing up for what she believes in: she realises that politics can't be partisan if all the politicians belong to the same party.

Whining in an interview yesterday Belinda had this to say about the response to her decision last week: "There were a lot of negative comments made, and I find that disgraceful, quite frankly." I have to say, given the audacity of this woman -- she abandoned her (supposed) principle's in return for a cushy cabinet position and she is telling people off -- she really is wasted in Paul Martin's cabinet. Surely Robert Mugabe has a job for her!

Frankly I'm rather sick of all the reaction about how we've been mean and sexist to poor Belinda. To begin with, calling someone a whore is not sexist. As a woman, I have never really identified strongly with the term 'whore' and if you do (regardless of your sex), perhaps you have some soul searching to do. And it was Belinda that decided to play dirty politics, she can't now turn around and ask that people treat her with the utmost civility. It's all very nice for Belinda that none of this really matters to her and that daddy's got her job waiting when she's bored of this politics thing, but some people actually care. And when you do the dirty on people, they tend to get upset and say mean things that make you sad. So if you can't play the game.... I don't know, you finish the sports metaphor... I'm just a girl.

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