Saturday, May 14, 2005

How about we don't play politics with human tragedy. Deal?

On Thursday King Paul promised to send 500 troops to Sudan in order to buy David Kilgour's vote of confidence in the House of Commons. You have to love a man who suddenly cares about genocide when his job is on the line. Oh, the compassion! Unfortunately, it seems buying votes isn't as easy when you're dealing with the slaughter of innocents as when you're paying Canadians off with their own cash. It turns out Sudan doesn't want Canadian peacekeepers trying to stop them from raping and murdering their own citizens, Omar Hassan al-Bashir having less interest in seeing King Paul stay in power than, say, Dalton McGuinty.

And if we thought it would be that easy all along, just sending a few troops over to help the African Union, why didn't we do it a long time ago. I'm sure HRH King Paul I will pretend that he is surprised by this turn of events. He has tried his best to help the people of Darfur, but the mean Sudanese aren't having it. You can't blame him. But the government had to know all along that Sudan wouldn't be welcoming the Canadian military with open arms. Now Paul can say he tried his very best, but things didn't work out. This was dirty politicking from day one.

Every day I think they have sunk about as low as they can go. But using the misery and despair of Africa to help you stay in power Paul. I have to say "Bravo", because you have surprised even jaded Bitter Lemon with the depths to which you will sink. I'm starting to agree with the rest of Canada. You might just deserve the position of PM because you clearly want it so badly.

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