Monday, May 09, 2005

Do you think there's an election coming?

In the past two weeks I have received two pieces of mail from my MP Tony Ianno (addressed directly to "the Varley household" which makes me want to either change my name or move...). So if there was any doubt that there was an election coming....

The first piece of mail included a copy of Tony's speech in parliament, perhaps offered as evidence that he showed up to work one day? (if you haven't witnessed Tony explain that it is not really necessary, you won't know what a special event this is).

Today's piece of mail documents how the Liberals are using my money to buy my vote. First of all my money is to be spent looking after other people's children, because financing megahomes and SUVs leaves little money over for childcare. Raise your own damn kids!

$171 million will be spent over the "next five years to celebrate Canada and help Canadian diversity find its voice in communities across the country".... think the sponsorship scandal only spread out over all 10 provinces.

But amidst the $60 million each being given to fight the evil Sea Lamprey and keep quality CBC documentaries that teach me about the evils of the nation to the south of us on the air (you just know the Sea Lamprey is American!), the $688 million being given to the Tommorow Starts Today (no, it doesn't) art and cultural package (it's probably best I don't know what this is), the $2.1 billion on health care that they will be spending to "reduce waiting times" in Ontario (which should not be confused with the $194 million on medical equipment ... forgive me but aren't the two related?... are they double counting? I guess I just don't really get how they specifically direct funds to reducing waiting times, isn't it related to other things?) , the best is the $100 million being given to Ford of Canada and the $207 "investment" in Pratt and Whitney, because of all the welfares, corporate is my favourite. Aren't you glad that you work hard every day to give your money to the poor folk at Ford? Doesn't it make you want to vote Liberal?

Is someone really reading this and thinking it is a program they want to get behind? Really? Personally, I think Tony ('Yanno' if you're in the know 'Eye-anno' to the rest of us) would do himself a lot more good if he just sent around a mailing saying "I've been doing this for so long that I have no marketable skills. If I don't get re-elected I'll be unemployed". Go for the sympathy vote!

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Alex said...

But Ford really is poor...