Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Zimbabwe will keep us in check

Have your Human Rights been violated? Don't worry, Zimbabwe is on the case! Yes, everyones favourite former hope for a continent turned impoverished dictatorship has been re-elected to the UN's Human Right's Commission. The Commission, which exists mostly to scoff at those whose human rights are being violated, is currently populated by such fine nations as Sudan (who will defend your human right to commit genocide any day of the week), Cuba (who needs freedom when you've got a high literacy rate?), and China ('cos Tiannanmen was like 16 years ago, so get over it).

The reason you have to love Zimbabwe though is because they're so brazen. Quoth Zimbabwe's ambassador to the UN: "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones." That's right, stone throwing should only be done outdoors, at those standing in line to vote in national elections. With insights like these the oppressed of the world can rest easy.

Now somebody please remind me again why I was fine to go into Iraq without UN approval?

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