Thursday, April 14, 2005

Toronto Star gears up for an election

Well, clearly the Star thinks an election call is just around the corner, 'cos it's time to rev up the Tory bashing into high gear. A headline on the Star's website:

The point of the article? That the Liberal government has released the rather vague details of Canada's Kyoto commitment to mixed reviews. Oh, and by the way, now that it's ratified the Tories have accepted that they can't get out of it. I'd say they selected the most appropriate headline. No?

Don't worry, even though the Tories are coming to forcibly impregnate you (and, apparently much to the Star's chagrin, make you accept a bullshit treaty that the Star believes in), the Liberals will protect you:

"...Liberal ministers sounded confident they'll be around to implement
the plan despite their government's current precarious position.
'Canada will do its share for the planet because that is our responsibility,'
said Environment Minister Stephane Dion."

Golly gee, aren't the Liberals swell? They want to protect the planet and save the world! I say we all gather at Olympic Stadium in Rimouski and hold a rally for them!

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