Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Let us be clear about this: we will do nothing to stop it

Since the U.N. decided that the attrocities in Darfur are not genocide, I keep reading that they want to put the people responsible for the not-defined-but-definitely-not-very-nice-behaviour on trial. So have we given in now? Is the U.N.'s official line "we will do nothing to stop this, but as soon as it runs it course, we will put those responsible on trial"? Then they will be brought to justice like those responsible for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia I guess.

Now, I love Sam Waterston, so my favourite part of Law and Order is when the Law stuff starts. But the Order bit is pretty important too. As in television, so in life. Unfortunately for the people in the Sudan, the U.N. is not the NYPD, so apparently we are just going to be crossing our fingers and hoping that this stops and that the Sudanese government has a change of heart and is willing to hand over those guilty of attrocities. Which makes absolutely no sense because they and their henchmen are the ones guilty of committing attrocities. Sometimes I really wonder what it must be like to be part of the U.N. Are you aware of the absurdity of your existence or do you just buy into all of it?

But I'm sure the suggested travel ban should really do a lot of good. Personally, I know a lot of people who were deciding between Darfur and Cancun for Spring Break this year.

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