Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm an energy sucking Canadian, you can't shut off my lifeline

So, 13 hours without power yesterday! Contrary to what all of the reports are saying, not everybody had their power back by 8 p.m, because mine came on at 9:15! And as much fun as it was watching all the lights come on in the buildings around us while we sat in the dark, it's one of those life experiences I could probably have done without. I suppose it was payback for us because we only went 7 hours without power during the big blackout.

The blackout in August 2003 wasn't a great hardship for me, I live and work downtown and my neighbourhood Pizza Pizza was open. And, most importantly, it was summer. But yesterday was painful. A Sunday without television and internet access is not a Sunday, it's like asking an evangelical to skip church. I worship the gods of media! I didn't even find out about Johnny Carson until nearly 10pm (which, frankly I blame on my parents.... the phone was working people! We knew the Aussie Open results! Apparently you have to specifically ask, "so, anyone important die?").

But it was greater than the sum of all the inconveniences (there was no heat and no hot water, damnit!). Somehow, the knowledge that there was no power had a psychological effect. I could have just resolved to spend the day reading, at least until it got dark, but I felt completely useless (luckily friends suffering the same afflication came over and entertained us for the day). It was as if I was disconnected from the grid along with all of my appliances.

And people keep pointing out that it makes you realise what you take for granted. But I'm fine with taking electricity for granted, I don't need to be reminded. I live in Canada in 2005, if I can't take a constant supply of electricity for granted, then what is civilisation for?

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